About Broderick and Associates

We work with you to:

Improve governance

  • Facilitate change to meet increasing expectations of Directors and Boards
  • Review stakeholder and community engagement processes
  • Identify and manage risk

Behind every good Board there are productive relationships, good information and good processes. We can review the Board, organisation and context and assist you to improve governance. Kathleen has worked successfully with mid-size organisations to improve systems and processes, engage with their communities and manage risk. Her knowledge and experience was gained both as a Director and as Chief Executive Officer. Her recommendations are generally well accepted as they combine both strategy and pragmatism.

We have experience at managing change in organisations on a regional level and across sectors. Our approach starts with an assessment of risks and resources and we use that information to scope an effective project.

As CEO of NRM South, the Natural Resource Management body for Southern Tasmania, Kathleen managed the transition of the organisation from broker of funds to an effective service delivery organisation. She developed an effective risk management strategy and processes that have since been adopted by other organisations.

Facilitate, plan and evaluate strategic projects

  • Develop strategic projects
  • Identify opportunities and prepare for business development
  • Evaluate projects and programs

We have proven ability in building and forming alliances, conceptualising and planning for regional development.

Kathleen’s experience includes developing business cases for projects and assessing and recommending projects as a committee or selection panel member for Regional Development Australia, National Landcare Program, Industry, and philanthropic funding sources.

We can provide strategic facilitation and lead your own staff through the process, building capacity, or develop a project business case for you.

We also take a longer term view of relationship development as we know this builds success. Kathleen was instrumental in the formation of a Tasmanian land conservation alliance, bringing together conservation and land management organisations into one collaborative group. This group successfully developed policy submissions and collaboratively bid for funds leading to more successful Tasmanian conservation projects.

Develop a solid social science base

  • Analyse research results to inform project design
  • Scope and undertake new social research
  • Review research to inform public policy

Building an effective evidence base is an important part of planning for and managing change. With broad knowledge across the social and economic sciences and her ability to pull together research teams and contracts, Kathleen has been very successful at delivering research findings which addressed identified needs.

Her knowledge of research spans strategic and practical management issues such as behaviour change, infrastructure development, water quality improvement, tourism and fisheries management as well as longer term resource outlook.

Kathleen’s PhD research provided new insights into the nature of community and participation in sustainable development.

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